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Dr. Townsend is awesome! I have had two girls get their orthodontia done with her, and their teeth are gorgeous! She sure knows how to move the teeth. Andrew, my son, is currently just beginning with braces. Dr. Townsend and her staff work well with our insurance plan and payment plans to make things in our budget. Dr. Townsend even went out of her way to look for an egg timer at my request to help my son spend a little more time brushing his teeth. They try and make braces fun by letting the kids choose different color bands and have drawings for West Acres gift certificates by making appointments during the day. I would recommend Dr. Townsend and her staff to everyone who needs orthodontia!

- Tina J.

Molly’s orthodontic journey began at age 5 with the placement of a metal spacer after the removal of a “bad tooth”. We knew even then that Molly would have a long relationship with Dr. Townsend. Small jaw, crowded teeth and impacted teeth were some of the many issues to be dealt with. Fast forward to 12 years old and 7th grade, the prospect of braces was scary to Molly. The whole braces process was made much easier with thorough explanation of all steps. It was made much easier for me, her mom, by the easy scheduling and patient-friendly staff. Molly did need oral surgery at the clinic to help coax a stubborn tooth into place. An amazing transformation has taken place without using any other invasive procedures. Child #2 is now in for the same journey. He has many of the same issues his sister did. He is less anxious after seeing his sister’s awesome results. We know his results will be the same. We consider Dr. Townsend an Orthodontic Artist!

- Denise P.

When our family dentist recommended that we contact an orthodontist, our heads started to spin. We knew nothing about braces and orthodontic care. What we did know was that we wanted our children to have the best care available. We wanted them to smile with confidence. We called Orthodontic Associates and scheduled an appointment. Upon meeting Dr. Townsend and staff, we knew we were at the right place.

From our first visit, throughout treatment and now during follow up care, Dr. Townsend and staff have been wonderful. They designed and developed treatment plans and explained in detail, each step along the way. We knew what was expected from us and what we would receive from them. Their professionalism, knowledge and caring resulted in beautiful smiles for our children. We recommend Dr. Shelley and staff for your orthodontic needs. They are the greatest!

- Lorna and Ron H.

Dr. Shelley Townsend and her staff have been treating two of our three daughters for the past two and a half years. Our third daughter will be seeing them soon. We have found Dr. Townsend to have a very practical and effective approach. She thoroughly explains her treatment plans and communicates well with us as parents. Dr. Townsend has also made excellent recommendations to us for other professionals such as periodontists. We have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Townsend to others looking for orthodontic care.

- Jennifer M.

We are so pleased with the treatment and service we received by Dr. Townsend and staff! They are all very professional, friendly and are eager to work with school/work schedules and payment plans that fit your family. I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Dr. Townsend for your orthodontic needs.

- Andria E.

First-rate job on two of our children; now time for number three! Outstanding professionalism.

- Peter S.

We are very pleased with the results and the lower costs.

- Trudy W.

Knowing that our daughters, who are eighteen months apart, were going to need braces due to the look of their permanent teeth and under the recommendation of our dentist, we had several factors to consider. We were referred by our dentist to a local orthodontist. After visiting the referred orthodontist, we felt like our daughters were just another mouth to put braces in, rushed into a timeline of appointments, and the money we were going to be spending would not only be paying for the braces but the other “extra frills” that were being provided in the office. We decided to get a second opinion. After talking with several co-workers and friends, we decided to visit Shelley Townsend. We met with her and our daughters. She took the time and explained what needed to be done with each of our daughter’s teeth and the treatment plan. She had the interest of our daughters in mind, and the professional expertise to reach the goals of having beautiful straight teeth and a financial piece of mind. Our daughters have recently had their braces removed and our orthodontic goals were met, and you must understand that the tooth that was lodged in the top roof of our daughter’s mouth is positioned exactly in the spot it is supposed to be in! No other orthodontist has the experience, the knowledge, and the professional interest in every patient she sees. We are very satisfied and our daughters are happy to have straight, beautiful teeth and we are so thankful that we decided upon a second opinion.

Russ and Betsy B.

From the very start, Dr. Townsend has shown the level of professionalism that one would expect but not necessarily find. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. All five of our children have been or is currently being seen by her. Each child has been treated as an individual. We are very pleased with the results of her work. We highly recommend Dr. Townsend to anyone.

- John R.

I’m so grateful that both my dentist and my daughter referred me to Dr. Townsend. Dr. Shelley not only straightened my teeth, but saved some teeth from falling out. Dr. Shelley is very professional and very friendly, as is her staff. I would recommend Dr. Shelley Townsend to anyone, as she can fix your teeth WITHOUT invasive surgery.

- Nancy S.

When we found out we were going to have two teenagers in braces at the same time, we decided to do some shopping around. It paid off when we came across Dr. Townsend and her staff. Not only was Dr. Townsend extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also very economical. The staff at Orthodontic Associates are amazing as well! They are all very helpful and accommodating. One of the things I liked best about working with Dr. Townsend was that she was always very thorough and her communication was excellent. I would highly recommend Orthodontic Associates as they are a top-notch practice with years of experience!

- Brian and Kelly D.

When we were looking to have Paige and Payton get braces, we went to a few orthodontist places to have evaluations done. We didn’t feel that the places that we went to fit what we were looking for. A friend of mine suggested Orthodontic Associates, P.C., so we made an appointment. The girls really felt comfortable with Dr. Shelley Townsend and their wonderful staff, and we felt that the treatment plan that was explained to us really fit what the girls needed. The girls are very pleased with the end results. They have expressed that the results that they got were so much more than they expected! Dr. Shelley Townsend and the staff did a wonderful job, and we will definitely be bringing our youngest daughter in for an evaluation when she is ready to get braces. We would recommend Orthodontic Associates, P.C. to anyone that is looking into getting braces.

- Tracy N.

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